AEK 3000 Series

Smart power supplies for the special requirements of industrial environments. The power supply series AE and AEK by COTEK have been developed with industrial and coporate operators in mind. With these power supplies the user is able to control both output voltage as well as output current individually. AE and AEK series are being installed and operated in intelligent control systems easily.

Both series are available in different output voltages ranging from 12 Volt up to 400 Volt (DC) with power ratings from 800 Watt up to 3000 Watt. Due to the different kinds of adjustability and easy configuration these power supplies are not just simple suuply units with one fixed output voltage and constant output current. These units can be installed in not only the following systems and environments:

  • Intelligent Automation Systems
  • Monitoring and terminal operations
  • Puls Operation
  • Variation of output power
  • Battery Charging Applications

Cotek Power Supply Series AE, AEK and ME-1200 are easily integrated into intelligent control and monitoring systems. Communication between the devices and their terminals is established by serial connection via RS232 (up to 8 devices), RS485 and I²C.

More information and specifications available in the Dehner Power Supply Store.