Product Photo of SYL 1223 series

Sunny presents a new series of LED Power Supplies. These 40 Watt and 65 Watt series have been specifically designed for LED and other lighting applications. The units feature the MM, F and 110 mark and are suitable for mounting on furniture and other normally enflammable surfaces.

Both series feature a C8 Ac input jack. The SYL 1183 series use the same cases as their IT counterparts, the SYS 1183 series . Therefore the interchangeable AC input plugs for different countries can be used on these power supplies as well.

SYL 1183-401212 V3,33 A40 W
SYL 1183-402424 V1,66 A40 W
SYL 1223-651212 V5,41 A65 W
SYL 1223-652424 V2,7 A65 W

More information and detailed specifications can be found in the Dehner Power Supply Store