Sunpower Power Supply SPS-150P

Sunpower has changed the specifications of a component part in the power supply series SPS-150P and SPS-230P that yields a higher rate of efficiency of the devices. All other specifications remain unaltered.

The following table shows an overview over the serial numbers that are affected from this change of specification:

Product Photograph of MP-350 series

Samples of the new medical power supplies series MP 150 and MP 350 by Cotek are in stock and available for our customers.

These open-frame industrial power supplies come in varieties of 150 Watt and 350 Watt.

AEK 3000 Series

Smart power supplies for the special requirements of industrial environments. The power supply series AE and AEK by COTEK have been developed with industrial and coporate operators in mind. With these power supplies the user is able to control both output voltage as well as output current individually. AE and AEK series are being installed and operated in intelligent control systems easily.

Cotek Video Screenshot

In this video we show how to install and operate the programming interface for the COTEK power supplies AE/AEK and ME-1200.

DEHNER LEDpower LED Power Supply with MM Marking

Dehner's MM Series power supplies are suitable for thermic sensible applications, such as mounting in furniture, drawers and false ceilings.

Space inside cupboards, drawers and other furniture is usually limited. Due to a lack of proper ventilation heat emanating from electric and electronic appliances cannot circulate. Additionally, the power supplies are mounted on non-heat-resistant surfaces.

Power supplies that meet the criteria for these special circumstances are compliant to EN 61347-2-13 and are marked with the following signs: