ATS Series
ATS Series

From February 11th, 2016 on manufacturers and distributors of external power supplies in the United States are required to have their products in compliance with DoE 2016 (Level VI). The guideline of the US Department of Energy (DoE) induces higher efficiency ratings in standby or no-load operation of desktop and plug-in power supplies.

Most of the power supplies of the ATS and STD series (distributed by DEHNER Elektronik) will be switched to successor models.

Cotek Power Supply 2K0N

Cotek announces End Of Production of the power supply series N, P and U effective January 1st, 2015.

Old model demand has declined continuously due to new model introduction. Models of the newer series feature enhanced programming possibilities, higher efficiency and smaller footprints. More information on recommended replacement models and feature comparisons are listed in the follwoing tables:

Sunpower Power Supply SPS-150P

Sunpower has changed the specifications of a component part in the power supply series SPS-150P and SPS-230P that yields a higher rate of efficiency of the devices. All other specifications remain unaltered.

The following table shows an overview over the serial numbers that are affected from this change of specification: