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EAS mark

In 2011 the governments of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan established a customs union, thus creating a single market. In 2012 the Eurasian Economic Commission was founded. Its goal is to regulate the common economic market and the customs union.

Since the introduction of the single market the unilateral russian GOST certification system has been replaced by Technical Regulations (TR TS or TR CU) with validity for all member states. To date about 20 of these Regulations have come into effect. Most of these regulate machines and components thereof as well as low voltage systems and lifts. Other regulations apply to electromagnetic compatibility and therefore impact trade of power supplies and converters.

For a transition period certificates based on the deprecated national regulations remain valid. Those national certificates become invalid in 2015, regardless of the validity date indicated on the documents themselves. In the future a TR TS certificate or a TR TS declaration is mandatory to be presented when importing goods into one of the member states of the customs union. This corresponds to presenting the GOST R certificate when importing goods into Russia.

All products and goods certified according to the new regulations are to bear the EAS conformity mark. This mark is applied onto the product itself, or the corresponding documents or packing materials.

Several of DEHNER's power supply series have already been certified to be in compliance with the new regulations and bear the EAS mark. See the following table for details:

Device / SeriesRemarks
SUNNY SYS-1443-T3Desktop power supply series, Power: 65 Watt
SUNNY SYS-1357Plug-In power supply series, Power: 15 Watt to 24 Watt, featuring interchangeable input plugs
SUNNY SYS-1460Plug-In power supply series, Power: 12 Watt, featuring interchangeable input plugs
ATS065-P24065 Watt Desktop Power Supply
ATS090-P12090 Watt Desktop Power Supply