ATS Series

From February 11th, 2016 on manufacturers and distributors of external power supplies in the United States are required to have their products in compliance with DoE 2016 (Level VI). The guideline of the US Department of Energy (DoE) induces higher efficiency ratings in standby or no-load operation of desktop and plug-in power supplies.

Most of the power supplies of the ATS and STD series (distributed by DEHNER Elektronik) will be switched to successor models.

These updated power supply series ATS and STD are already compliant to efficiency Level VI. While these requirements are yurrently US only, an impact on other parts of the world is likely. The European Union's Ecodesign Directive is currently under revision. Expectations are that stricter efficiency regulations according to the US DoE 2016 will become mandatory in Europe. Canada, Australia and New Zealand will most likely harmonize with the US requirements as well.

The following table compares the Level  versions of the ATS and STD series to the suceeding Level VI models:

PowerLevel VLevel VI
DoE 2016
Certificates will become avalaible at
5 WattSTD Series
ATS 005
ATS 005TOctober 2015
10 WattSTD Series Discontinued
12 Watt ATS 012TNew series, all certificates available
18 WattSTD serieseriesATS 018TSeptember 2015
24 WattSTD seriesATS 024TSeptember 2015
30 WattATS 030ATS 036TAugust 2015
36 WattATS 036ATS 036TAugust 2015
40 WattSTD series Discontinued
50 WattATS 050ATS 050TCertificates available
65 WattATS 065ATS 065TCertificates available
90 WattATS 090ATS 090Series compliant to Level VI
120 WattSTD seriesSTD seriesSeries compliant to Level VI
160 WattSTD series Information will become available later
200 WattSTD series Information will become available later

New specifications are available for download.

Specifications of ATS-T series (Level VI) (ca. 6 MB)

For further information please contact DEHNER customer service.