New Economical ARCH Power Modules Presented


ARCH's latest AHCN / AFCN / AFC20N series of 5 W, 10 W and 20 W power modules provide the best alternatives for the orginal AFC / AHC and AFC20 series.

With a universal input range (AC 90 Volt to 264 Volt) and large frequency range (47 Hz to 440 Hz) the ambient operating temperature remains at -40 °C to 70 °C (with derating). In comparison with the original series efficiency in both load and non-load conditions have been improved. Also, ripple noise was lowered once more.

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AQF500: Ultra Compact Sized 500 Watt AC-DC Power Supply


DEHNER POWER SUPPLIES presents the sparkling new AQF500 series of open frame AC-DC power supplies. The AQF500 Series provides a maximum power of 500 Watt with 30 cm fan, and 240 Watt with free air convection in ultra compact size of 5"  3".

The series consists of 12 V, 24 V and 48 V DC output models with a universal input voltage range of 90 V to 264 V AC. These power supplies feature short circuit protection, as well as protection against over power, over voltage and over temperature with auto recovery function.

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Level VI: Updates to ATS and STD series

ATS Series

From February 11th, 2016 on manufacturers and distributors of external power supplies in the United States are required to have their products in compliance with DoE 2016 (Level VI). The guideline of the US Department of Energy (DoE) induces higher efficiency ratings in standby or no-load operation of desktop and plug-in power supplies.

Most of the power supplies of the ATS and STD series (distributed by DEHNER Elektronik) will be switched to successor models.

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New 40 Watt and 65 Watt LED Power Supplies

Product Photo of SYL 1223 series

Sunny presents a new series of LED Power Supplies. These 40 Watt and 65 Watt series have been specifically designed for LED and other lighting applications. The units feature the MM, F and 110 mark and are suitable for mounting on furniture and other normally enflammable surfaces.

Both series feature a C8 Ac input jack. The SYL 1183 series use the same cases as their IT counterparts, the SYS 1183 series

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New LED Power Supply for Lighting Applications

Produktfoto LED-Steckernetzteil SYL 1460

We present a new development in power supplies for lighting applications: The LED power supply series SYL 1460. This power supply comes with interchangeable AC plugs. It is certified according to the latest standards for LED applications. The SYL 1460 is suitable for mounting on normally inflammable and heat sensitive surfaces.

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Revision of Cotek Specification Sheets

Fitting of CN2 Interface

Cotek informs about a recent revision of the specification sheets for several power supply series. The changes pertain to function description and pinning of CN2 interfaces.

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